About OrthoDent 3D Imaging
Take the guesswork out of your diagnostics – OrthoDent gives you the power to know.
  • Why settle for 2D diagnostics when you have a 3D patient?

    If you treated 2D patients, traditional imaging would be enough. With OrthoDent 3D Imaging, you can add a third dimension and give your diagnostic images the power and accuracy you need. Because Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) adds another dimension to the power of your diagnostic images, it is quickly becoming the standard of care. Our conveniently located facility offers fast, crystal clear CBCT images and exceptional customer service, putting the most sophisticated diagnostic tool ever available right in your hands.
  • Highest Precision and Clarity
    With OrthoDent’s CBCT, the dental provider receives information that is exponentially more precise and accurate than a panogram, lateral cephalogram, PA cephalogram and spiral or linear tomography combined! High resolution 3D images also provide a clear, accurate view of the airway with the option to see invaluable data about TM joints. You can count on OrthoDent’s CBCT to yield: • Incomparable diagnostic power and sub-millimeter resolution
• Rapid, efficient scanning times, ranging from 8-30 seconds • About 15 times less radiation than conventional CT scans
• Minimal distortion of the maxillofacial skeleton • Volume scan offers 2D renditions
  • Less Noise and Distortion

    OrthoDent is equipped with the latest, most advanced technology. The Next Generation i-Cat produces images with a flat panel imager (FPI) vs. an image intensifier tube (IIT).  As a result, the image has less noise and does not necessitate preprocessing in order to reduce geometric distortions typically caused by the IIT.

  • Invaluable Tool for Implant Site Assessment

    OrthoDent’s CBCT scanners produce a 3D image volume that lets you quickly customize the image with simple, easy-to-use software and add unprecedented predictability to your implant planning.


    Three-dimensional images are transforming every facet of dentistry, from general dentistry to orthodontics, periodontal, implantology, prosthodontics, oral and orthognatic surgery, endodontics, orofacial pain, sleep dentistry, and oral medicine practice.

Designed by Jonathan Bodnar