CBCT imaging has become an essential tool for the accurate evaluation of sinuses and the entire airway path from the nasal and oral entrances to the laryngeal spaces. Volumetric data obtained from a CBCT provides invaluable information that allows the clinician to identify anatomical borders, find and quantify infection, and detect polyps. CBCT airway studies are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, deviated septum, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, narrow pharyngeal space or maxilla, and other airway related issues. Volumetric data enables an accurate calculation of the actual volume of the airway space, and a reliable method for pinpointing any airway constriction. Orthodent’s 3D imaging yields multiple linear, angular, circumferential, area, and volumetric measurements of the airway, and enables superimposition of multiple images, custom cross-sections, and unprecedented 3D anatomic visualization.
Designed by Jonathan Bodnar