Experienced clinicians know that successful dental implants begin with a solid foundation of thorough planning based on accurate anatomical information. Orthodent 3D Imaging puts high-resolution dimensional images in your hands, with no conversion, waiting, or guesswork. You’ll get invaluable nerve marking and exact 3-D location of vital anatomic structures, precise measurements of alveolar bone width, and an accurate, reliable assessment of bone structure and density that will help determine whether a bone graft or sinus lift is needed. Volumetric data will help you select the best implant type, size and angulation and reduces surgery time. Clinicians find that implant planning based on CBCT imaging helps increase case acceptance and builds patient confidence and satisfaction. OrthoDent also employs the EasyGuide™ computer assisted dental implant planning and placement system by Keystone Dental. The system’s specialized X Marker utilizes a coordinate system to precisely align to the surgical guide computer manufacturing process so the virtual case plan created by the clinician can be converted from the radiographic guide into a precise surgical guide. A dental implant designed to last a lifetime demands more than just replacing a missing tooth. With Orthodent 3D Imaging, you’ll have all the information you need to restore natural esthetics, proper biomechanics and optimal function, and make your patients smile.
Designed by Jonathan Bodnar