• iTero

    With the ability to scan quadrants and full arches, iTero allows us to easily take digital impressions of single-unit cases as well as more complex restorative and cosmetic full-arch treatment plans. Onscreen visualization of the scan in real time ensures that preparations are perfectly completed. The result is a reduction in seating time and in increased patient satisfaction.
  • SureSmile
    SureSmile combines digital 3D imaging, computer-aided treatment planning and customized archwires to straighten teeth about 40 percent faster than traditional braces, with fewer office visits, fewer wire changes, and less overall discomfort.
  • AnatoModel

    AnatoModel (by Anatomage) AnatoModel eliminates the need for a traditional impression and saves valuable chair-time and materials.  With a single CBCT scan, the volume, radiographs, and digital study models are acquired. These highly advanced study models contain crowns, roots, impactions, developing teeth, and alveolar bone.

  • EasyGuide

    EasyGuide™ uses revolutionary planning software that will enables implant surgery cases to be planned virtually, based on each patient’s CBCT scan data. The X Marker allows precision transfer of your virtual treatment plan to create a surgical guide from the radiographic guide that is used to direct the implant drilling system and facilitate exacting implant placement.

  • InVivo

    InVivo volumetric imaging software lets clinicians who desire a more in-depth investigation of internal structures examine the image slice by slice and sweep though the entire volume using section views. This enables more precise evaluation and measurement of anatomical structures. InVivoDental’s volume rendering capability lets clinicians manipulate, enhance, and slice the volume in any orientation or shape for quick and effective diagnosis. Volume rendering is an effective tool for surveying skeletal morphology and dentition, and is a powerful communication tool for patient demonstration.


    InVivo allows two CBCT scans to be opened and digitally superimposed based on registering common stable landmarks. The result is a 3D volume rendering of both scans with different coloring to highlight the difference between the scans, as well as superimposed cross sections, ideal for comparison of pre- and post-treatment. This is an excellent tool to assess change following orthodontic treatment, orthognathic surgery, or growth and development. The TMJ can be easily assessed with this method by superimposing scans with the patient in the open and closed mouth positions.

  • Create Model

    Create-Model (by Anatomage) performs quick and easy 3-D segmentation of anatomy from CT scans and translates scans into digital 3-D surface models. These digital study models allow extraordinary visualizations of anatomy normally obstructed from view by other anatomy and CT noise artifacts.

  • Genbook

    Genbook scheduling lets your patients set their scan appointment quickly and conveniently online. With the click of a button, they can browse available time slots and select a time that fits into their schedule. For maximum convenience, they'll get an automatic email reminder prior to their appointment.

  • TeamLinks

    Teamlinks (US Healthrecords) enables easy online referral and interdisciplinary relationships (IDR) with diagnostic information that can be conveniently and securely shared electronically. Helps coordinate treatment planning, prevents duplication of records, facilitates inter-office communication, and improves patient care.

  • Suremarks

    Suremark precision skin marking systems makes it easy to distinguish between a nipple, shadow and lesion. Suremark uses an adhesive that won’t stick to sensitive areas of the skin. The Suremark system is also perfect for marking scar tissue, outlining palpable nodules, moles and entry points in CT scans.

  • AnatoCeph

    AnatoCeph (by Anatomage) versatile cephalometric tracing and analysis software can create tracings and analyses on either traditional cephalometric x-rays, or on reconstructed cephalometric x-rays from CBCT machines.

  • Implace Planning

    InVivo’s implant planning feature contains an extensive implant library and allows clinicians to efficiently perform thorough image-based treatment planning for both restorative implants and orthodontic miniscrews. You can instantly highlight bone density, and easily perform accurate measurements from nerve to alveolar ridge or for sinus evaluation. Nerve tracing enables precise measurements and visualizations of implants in relation to critical structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve, the mental foramen, and the incisive canal. With simultaneous buccal, lingual, vertical, and density visualizations, this powerful feature can dramatically enhance case presentations and improve communication with colleagues, as well as inspire patient confidence and increase case acceptance.

  • Complete Orthodontic Records

    Create two-dimensional radiographic images from a 3D volume dataset in the lateral, panoramic (OPG), frontal and SMV views. 1:1 projection eliminates distortion. Image filters help emphasize different structures of interest. Radiographic images can be saved for report generation and two-dimensional cephalometric tracing. Clear, ABO approved photos let you easily create a photo collage.

  • Digital Photography

    Orthodent’s sophisticated digital camera provides stunning pre- and post-treatment photography for documenting the results of whitening, cosmetic restorations, orthodontics and other procedures, and demonstrating the dramatic difference with visuals that speak volumes to your patient.

  • Surgical Guides

    With CBCT scan fabricated surgical guides, your virtual treatment plan can become a real device that can be used to accomplish your treatment exactly as planned. The surgical guides created from CBCT scans will make your treatment planning quicker, more efficient and easier on the patient. With less steps, a quicker turn-around time and a cost effective approach, the full implementation of surgical guides can finally become a reality for all your implant procedures.

Designed by Jonathan Bodnar